Saturday, July 30, 2005

Understanding Our Jihadi Enemy

As long as our jihadi enemies are trying to kill us my desire to "understand" them extends only as far as understanding where they are so we can kill them faster. The only good jihadi is a dead jihadi, to borrow a concept, and any jihadi left living this year is just one more to kill next year.

Nonetheless, those who deny we are at war insist on looking for reasons why they hate us and kill us. But those attempts are at heart just based on the idea that we did something to deserve this and we have but to identify it and make amends.

But really, the jihadis make no secret of their goals (via Real Clear Politics):

In nearly all cases, the jihadi terrorists have a patently self-evident ambition: to establish a world dominated by Muslims, Islam and the sharia. Or, again to cite the Daily Telegraph, their real project is the extension of Islamic territory across the globe and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate founded on sharia.

Refusal to understand this simple and direct goal is based on the Leftist idea that we must have provoked the murderous rage we fight. The simple explanation provided by our enemies makes no sense if you "properly" understand that our actions caused the attacks of 9-11 and all the other bloodlettings and beheadings we've witnessed over the last several decades.

Understanding our enemies turns out to be surprisingly simple, eh?