Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yes Indeed, Where's the Plan?

Yes, what is President Obama's Iraq War plan?

The Left mercilessly attacked the Bush administration for not having a post-war plan for Iraq before we invaded. I always thought that was ridiculous. We had plans and assumptions. But they did not survive first contact with the enemy and we had to adapt.

The Left can't claim to have predicted the course of the post-war because in the summer of 2003 prominent Democrats were still complaining that Bush had engineered a short, victorious war to pave the way for re-election.

But if Bush is to be condemned for not having a plan before the invasion, what are we to think of President Obama who apparently has no post-war plan for Iraq even though Obama has been in office for 3 years? Shoot, even the Democrats in the Senate had a plan for Iraq 3 years after the war started.

Obama's post-war plan appears to be following Bush's short-term post-war plan and then abandoning Iraq when that plan expired.

I will never forgive President Obama if he effs this up. Our troops died for a good cause, but it may be for nothing because our president doesn't want to make the minimal commitment to solidifying a win in a war he has long considered both wrong and unwinnable.

Hey, while we're on the subject, where's the Obama Libya War post-war time-limited, scope-limited kinetic action plan?