Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All the News Fit to Print

My interest in pointing out how awful our media is on reporting on war issues because of both their lack of subject competency and sheer bias keeps me coming back to the issue. Since so much of the bias angle can be seen in their coverage of domestic issues, I often have links to stories that touch more on domestic issues than I'd like.

But Bill Ayers--a domestic terrorist who prospered rather than being brought to justice like McVeigh--did indeed host a fundraiser in his home for the aspiring politician Barack Obama despite the indignant denials of the Obama campaign. The media basically accused Republicans of lying about this and refused to even dignify the charge.

Media bias is a problem. Sure, the new media can look where they refuse to inquire. That is something to celebrate. But this type of corrective inquiry is mostly limited to those who don't like the media bias and look for the information. For the vast majority of Americans who get their news from our media, the bias matters a great deal. Don't ever forget that.

Tip to Instapundit (who has had really a lot of interesting stuff of late).