Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Love Boat They Ain't

My Jane's email updates report on Hugo Chavez's planned weapons buys:

The Venezuelan Navy has reactivated studies for the acquisition of large amphibious assault ships of the landing platform dock (LPD) type, sources in Caracas have told Jane's . The studies, which were first launched in the 1990s, call for LPD vessels that can carry and deliver around 750 troops with combat and support equipment and vehicles[.]

I commented on this issue close to two years ago, when wondering if Chavez would seek a foreign adventure against an easy Western target to puff himself up as a so-called defender of Latin America against the evil West.

Relying on the rationality of Hugo Chavez for the defense of the Dutch West Indies is a mistake. Will The Dutch fight to hold Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao? Will the Dutch deploy the forces they need to put up a fight?

Why Venezuela would need LPDs for national defense is beyond me. But it makes a lot of sense if Chavez wants to conduct a proper amphibious invasion of the Dutch West Indies.