Sunday, January 08, 2017

The World's Shortest News Conference

Somebody should really take away this man's car keys:

In a news conference meant to promote his achievements, Kerry said that Obama didn't backtrack in 2013 on his ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar Assad not to attack rebels or civilians with his chemical weapons arsenal. Kerry said this "unfair perception" nevertheless hurt U.S. credibility.

Our president said Assad must not use chemical weapons, or else. Since then Assad continues to hit people with chemical weapons, has slaughtered many tens of thousands of civilians in a war with several hundred thousand dead while starving and driving into flight millions more; and has invited in Iran and Russia in to save him.

And Kerry says our credibility problem is an unfair perception of that red line fiasco that Kerry actually compounded by saying the threatened strikes--that never happened--would be unbelievably small.

Spongespine Spandexpants may actually believe he scored a success in Syria.

But that's only because he's an inept idiot.

And contemptible. I did mention the contemptible part, right?

Kerry is the Inspector Clouseau of the Obama administration, an idiot who thinks he is brilliant and bumbles around on the world stage knocking things over and leaving destruction in his wake.

I will be relieved to see President Obama finish is tenure in office.

But the departure of John Friggin' Kerry as our Secretary of State will be the ultimate joyous relief of removing a pebble from my shoe that has driven me nuts for years now.