Thursday, January 05, 2017

Hacking Away at the Presidential Election Process

So when do liberals accept their role in the election of President Donald Trump?

I'm not talking about actual votes for him. Obviously they didn't vote for Trump (although many didn't vote at all, it seems, so sure were they that they could spend election day shopping at Whole Foods for the fabulous victory party they were hosting that night).

Nor am I talking about their disgusting dismissal of the people who rejected Hillary Clinton as irredeemable despicables unworthy of being respected by proper people. We're getting closer to blame with that, but this still isn't what I mean.

No, I mean the role of liberals in reducing the required record and temperament of those qualified to be president to new lows that made room for Trump.

As readers here know, I am not a fan of Trump, to say the least. Yet I am deliriously happy that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, whose corruption is so deeply ingrained in her DNA that I think she and her family would have done severe damage to rule of law in our country, damaging democracy itself.

George Will has thoughts on this responsibility.

But I have my own.

Liberals are horrified that a man with no governing experience defeated Hillary Clinton, who has been described by her fans as the most qualified person (and let's not for the moment even mention her historic lady bits qualifications!) ever to run for the presidency. They blame gap-toothed Republican yokels responding to racist dog whistles (Wait.What? There was an African American in the race? Never mind, they're on a roll!) for denying Hillary her coronation this month.

But back in 2008, it was Democrats themselves who denied Hillary Clinton (lacking only Secretary of State mileage records on her resume' at the time) the opportunity to fulfill her ambitions destiny.

Yes, Democrats in Democratic primaries voted against Hillary Clinton in favor of a man with so little relevant experience that he once boasted that his experience of heading his own presidential campaign prepared him to be president!

I'll keep that in mind should I need to argue that my very application for the job of brain surgeon prepares me to be a brain surgeon.

Good grief, President Obama himself endorsed Hillary Clinton as the most qualified person ever to run for president in the 2016 race without the slightest sign of self-awareness.

So when Barack Obama won the presidential nomination for his party in 2008 on a thin-to-non-existent record bolstered by a speech that all the Left loved to death; and was ultimately kept afloat in the general election against a Republican with a long record of service because--and this is by President Obama's own admission--his fans projected their own needs and hopes onto the blank slate of his candidacy, don't you dare speak to me about how foolish voters were to select Trump as president.

"Make America great again" flowed directly from "Change you can believe in." And not even historic lady bits could break that chain of causation.

Enjoy your Trump presidency, fellow citizens on the left. If you keep acting the way you did to get Trump, you'll get a full 8 years of him, good and hard.