Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Privilege is Overwhelming

We'd be having a brave conversation on race relations and the need for civility in our public discourse if four Trump backers had tortured a man of color. But none of that will happen with this vicious attack:

Detectives questioned two men and two women on Wednesday in connection with the beating in Chicago of a man with mental health issues who, on a Facebook Live video shot by his assailants, was shown cowering in a corner with his mouth taped shut, officials said.

The criminals have been charged. So that's a relief.

But why won't there be national conversations on race and civil discussions to avoid provoking hate crimes, notwithstanding attacker taunts about whites and sticking it to Trump?

Because it's time to play Name that Privilege! for the alleged victim.

Let's go!

Was the so-called victim white? Check.

Socioeconomic privilege? Well, the article says the tortured man lived in a Chicago suburb. So, check!

Christian? Well, he is suspiciously white. So we'll pencil in that check.

Male? Check!

Heterosexual? Let's go with that unless we hear otherwise, given the basic odds.

Able-bodied? The attackers had to tie and gag the man up to keep him put for the broadcast torture session. So check that, too.

Citizen? Oh of course he is! Chicago is a sanctuary city so they'd have none of that!

Ding ding ding ding ding!! That man is exceptionally privileged! And it shows! Right under his scalp which the attackers cut through.

So he's no victim. He's the oppressor who others without privilege can't possibly agree with or relate to.

Sadly, the victim gets to check a fill-in "mental health issues" box, but no matter. His mental health issue is--or should be!--probably deep guilt for his other privileges, right?

But no, I'm not going to blame Democratic heated rhetoric and actual riots since the election for these young people acting like monsters toward an innocent person in an apparent intent to stick it to white Trump voters.

And even if it is a racist-motivated attack, I'll repeat that I don't like "hate" crimes that require insights into motivation as opposed to actions. What those four (allegedly, of course) actually did should be a crime that sends them to prison for a long time regardless of whether all involved--attackers and victim--were of the same race.

UPDATE: Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes Award touchingly talked about the awful treatment that a handicapped man received.

Oh, not the young man attacked and terrorized in Chicago and broadcast on Facebook, she was moved to tears by the man Trump mocked in the campaign for taking sides against him. Not that I defend Trump for his mockery. It was cruel and I condemn it.

But Streep said the Trump incident was the news about the handicapped that most upset her over the last year? Really?

Tips to Instapundit.

UPDATE: Here's a more serious discussion of the case and the issues around it.

UPDATE: In related slimeball news, Dylann Roof was sentenced to death on the 10th for his mass murder of African Americans at a church. Perhaps in a dozen years he will actually be executed. Good riddance.