Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just Who Was the Blackmail Target?

Stratfor dismisses the alleged blackmail material that Russia supposedly had on Trump as part of the Peegate dossier kerfuffle.

Friedman notes that Trump has proven he is not embarrassed by anything and so even real information is likely futile (something I've mentioned, making the latest accusation akin to the effect of peeing in the ocean) and that Russia really just wants to attack our political system.

The Democrats are playing their part in this, you must admit; although the Russians may consider the newfound Democratic zeal to demonize Russia some major blowback.

What I don't understand is the idea set forth by Friedman that Russia could not have been out to blackmail Hillary Clinton because what was revealed wasn't that big a deal.

He has a point on the content of the leaked emails. They were embarrassing and did indicate or hint at violations of laws--but nothing big league.

But as a wiser man than I said, the very existence of the off-the-books easily hacked email system set up contrary to American law on handling classified material is the smoking gun about Hillary Clinton's failures to live up to proper standards.

And the dismissal of the material leaked neglects the possibility that Russia released what they did as a shot across the bow to warn Clinton that the Russians had far worse information that they hacked. As Friedman says, you can only blackmail with information not in the public domain.

So why would Putin bother to release the really damning information that might cause Clinton to lose when you consider the polling? Nobody thought Clinton would lose. Until election night.

But Clinton lost. So whatever the Russians have on her is wasted.

I seriously think that the Democratic zeal to investigate Russian efforts to intervene in our election will hurt Clinton far more than Trump. So have at it, I say. I certainly don't want Russia to meddle in our elections even if this time it failed. And if the Clinton racket is exposed while strengthening our system against tampering, that's a bonus.

As to Trump? Friedman writes:

The conclusion I am drawing is that there was no blackmail scheme and the Russians have no control over Trump, but they wanted to do whatever they could to weaken him. If I were the Russians, I’d want to do that. The Russians understand Washington well, and they understand the media.

So Democrats "resist" Trump in an extreme "by all means necessary" version of dissent, as is their right. Which suits Russia fine.

And of course, there are always the actual communists to stir up mobs. As I mentioned.