Saturday, January 28, 2017

Unclear on the Concept

I saw my first "Resist" bumper sticker last week, by a voter clearly far more unhappy than I am about a Trump presidency. President Trump was literally my last choice in the Republican field. But I'm fine.

Mind you, I'm still relieved that President Obama has departed and ecstatic that Hillary Clinton was not sworn in. So my apprehension of having a new convert to conservatism in office will kick in, I assume, as those events disappear in the rear view mirror.

Still, the "Resist" bumper sticker amused me. My first thought was, "Hey, how convenient for the Trump Storm Troopers! Now they can easily identify Le Resistance members at the Trump Checkpoints set up around the organic food markets and folk music concerts!"

The bumper sticker is all you need to know about the supposed threat that Trump poses to their freedom.