Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So Just Assured Destruction, Then

One of the most interesting side effects of America's missile defense programs that promise to provide a thin shield to allies in Europe and Asia is the reaction of Russia and China to these minimal defenses.

As South Korea plans to buy American THAAD missile defense systems to guard themselves against North Korea's budding nuclear arsenal, Russia and China have raised a stink:

China and Russia have agreed to take further unspecified "countermeasures" in response to a U.S. plan to deploy an anti-missile system in South Korea, state news agency Xinhua reported on Friday.

This follows Russian complaints over the last decade that inconveniently highlighted Russia's intense desire to be able to efficiently nuke Europeans without the worry that some of their missiles might be shot down.

Who knew the Russians were so eager to commit mass murder of Europeans, eh?

And now China has joined the Russians in horror that South Korea might not be completely vulnerable to anybody that wants to nuke South Korea.

And it upsets them so much that Russia and China will not only work on counter-measures to penetrate those thin defenses but will work together to be able to nuke South Korea if they choose without the horrifying inefficiency of losing some missiles to missile defenses.

Call it a policy of Mutual Assured Destruction.

You'd think our information war operations could exploit this.