Thursday, January 12, 2017

If You Build It--and Defend It--They Will Come

Yes, defending the world order that we designed after World War II benefits America in many ways.

Do read it.

And just one of the benefits is that America has far more allies around the world with most of the rest of the world being friendly neutrals.

When you look at how few allies Russia and China have, you begin to appreciate one benefit most easily counted. If we didn't defend the world order, those allies we have would slide away and we'd find out how much worse it is not to have allies--or have more foes or enemies--than to have allies we have to cajole into doing more to help us defend the world order.

And yes, as the author rightly states, defending NATO is a vital objective for America and not a gift we provide the Europeans that we should withdraw from if European states don't spend more on defense.

Still, not many objected to the futile effort to lead a defense of the world order "from behind" under President Obama.

Thank God President Trump will be the one suspicious of our role so outfits like Politico will defend this network of influence, friends, and allies rather than damning America for having an "empire."

And for the record, I am sure I will have many opportunities to oppose Trump's impulses--until hopefully, and even after, the realities of being president in a dangerous world allows him to evolve his views--even though I will remain grateful he defeated Hillary Clinton.