Tuesday, February 10, 2015


While I'm shocked that our leading scholars would rank John Kerry as our least effective secretary of state in the last 50 years, I have to agree:

John Kerry is the least effective secretary of state of the last 50 years and Hillary Clinton was the fourth-most effective, according to a ranking of the nation’s chief diplomats by a group of prominent scholars.

Worst Secretary of State ever.

And that's even before the James Taylor Incident.

Yet Clinton is tied with Albright for 4th place?

Oh yes, we can credit Hillary Clinton with a successful "reset" with Russia, Libya (with a combined post-pointless war chaos and ambassador murder), Syria (Assad and ISIL live while 200,000 have died so far), failing to get a status of forces agreement with Iraq in 2011, and setting a record for miles traveled.

So one out of five isn't too bad, I guess.

As for Albright, it is only because of Kerry that she lost the title of worst ever.

So my appreciation for Kerry's ranking is muted by the fact that the left-leaning survey (our scholars are left leaning) also rated two others so highly when they don't deserve it.

As for Kissinger's first place? I'm of a mixed view. Code Pink hates him. So he has that going for him.

But the Vietnam peace deal was a farce. You can call the South Vietnamese embassy if you want verification for that.

And Kissinger represented a strain of conservatism that assumed the Soviet Union was winning the Cold War and our diplomacy should just aim to ride that loss out as best we could.

Anyway, Hagel is out. It's time for Kerry to go, too. They are a matching set.

Stop Kerry before he tries to comfort our Ukrainian friends with interpretive dance on the Kiev airport tarmac.

Admit it, you can totally see Kerry doing that.