Monday, December 31, 2012


Dave Barry has a hilarious review of our year.

But sometimes the humor is too close to tragedy:

Abroad, the big story is a deadly 9/11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. It soon becomes apparent that the attack either was or was not a spontaneous protest to a movie that either does or does not actually exist, or possibly it was an organized terrorist attack that either did or did not involve al Qaeda and either could or could not have been prevented if there had been better intelligence, which maybe there was, or maybe there was not, although if there was, it was not acted on, possibly for political reasons. Or, not. But beyond these basic facts, little is clear. The White House issues a strong statement assuring the nation that President Obama was not in any way involved in this, “or anything else that may or may not become known.”

Our president reminded us today that he'd be with us for four more years. Which at this point seems as scary as a Mayan prophecy of doom.

Perhaps he'll get involved with that whole presidency thing during that time. I've often thought the term The Long War was appropriate for the war on terror because it would take so long to defeat our enemies. I had no idea that the length might be partly determined by the state of our government's willingness to defeat that enemy. Or even admit we have an enemy to defeat, for that matter.

Happy new year. I hope you find your happiness in your personal life, as I do mine, for there may be little joy in our governmental life.

I fear we are governed by those we deserve.

UPDATE: Happy new year! Mind you I'm deep in my cups, and as an Irishman, prone to being maudlin. I'm sure a proper hangover will restore my naturally optimistic nature!