Monday, June 25, 2012

Twisted Sister

The North Koreans, who seem to enjoy killing South Koreans notwithstanding the 6-decade-old "ceasefire" and who like to boast of their ability to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire," have their panties all in a twist because a North Korean flag was staked out on a hill side that was being used for target practice:

The U.S.-South Korean drills Friday were the allies' biggest since the Korean War, and South Korean military officials called them a warning to North Korea. A huge North Korean flag on a hill disappeared behind flames and smoke as South Korean jets and U.S. helicopters fired rockets. The flag wasn't hit.

"It is an extremely grave military action and politically-motivated provocation to fire live bullets and shells at the flag of a sovereign state without a declaration of war," said the North's statement, which was dated Sunday but was released by the official Korean Central News Agency early Monday.

What a bunch of annoying twits the North Koreans have become. Without the fear factor of wondering if we can hold off their offensive, they have become tiresome.

Talk to the JDAM, Pyongyang. Talk to the JDAM.