Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thursday, 30 JUN 88

EOCT--passed with one minor
retest on curved line distance.
Bull--I know I didn't miss by 350 m.
I redid it exact way and got it right.
G.I. party to clean barracks.
Real tired. No mail today. No
time to write. Tomorow inspection.

The end of cycle test--where we have to demonstrate that we know all the tasks we were taught--was done. I really was offended that on maps of all things--Hello? History major here--I was told I'd made a mistake and had to redo the task.

Shoot, in AIT the next summer when we had a day where we had to demonstrate we still remembered all our soldier skills learned in basic (which most trainees had just come from), I did the map test so quickly that the specialist administering the test asked me what my prior MOS had been--implying he assumed I'd been in the Army for quite some time. I used the opportunity to boast that my National Guard unit had taught me a lot before I came to school. The Guard was looked down on by the active duty troops, so it didn't hurt to bolster the image.

We had a cleaning marathon in the barracks before our inspection. Once again, I was just tired from all the activity. It wasn't all easy.

But really, only taking a swing at an NCO or officer could derail graduation at this point.