Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, 27 JUN 88

I'll leave here July 8th after all.
Must let [fiance] know.
Reinforcement, small detail,
polished brass. Drills suddenly
quite cool and bullshitting with
us. PT test Wednesday. EOCT Thursday.
My leg feels much better but still hurts.
Brigade inspection Saturday. Training
just about over. Soon we'll
be fucking around counting days
to shipping out. I'm damn
glad I'm split option. Blew
[Sergeant Delta's] mind when he found
out I'm working on my master's
degree. Already impressed XO
by listing WTO nations when he
asked off-hand if anyone knew.
10 more days plus trip home.
Despite everything I still feel like
a civilian. I didn't expect this.
Perhaps I'll feel differently after

I had a definite day for leaving. Woo hoo!

We were in a holding pattern until the final PT test and end of cycle test. Even the drill sergeants didn't see the need to come down hard on us.

And with easier days, I wasn't straining my leg. Life was good.

I can't remember why it came up, but someone mentioned to one of our drill sergeants that I was working on my master's degree. He was fairly stunned about that.

Regarding the company executive officer (XO), he was actually being somewhat of a jerk, trying to show off. So I told him what the Warsaw Pact nations were.

Despite all the training, I still felt like me. I was a civilian wearing a uniform. I'm not sure what I expected.