Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Most Interesting Man in the World

If Islam is to reform itself and eliminate the scourge of Islamist extremism that seeks to define Islam in the bloody template of Islamist extremism, Saudi Arabia has to succeed in bin Salman's push to marginalize Islamist ideology that Saudi money has promoted and spread but which threatens to turn on Saudi Arabia.

This is some big-time effort. Do read it all (and tip to Instapundit).

And the West (and everybody experiencing jihadi violence) should do what it can to help the man shift Islam.

But as I noted, it is dangerous for Salman personally given the strength the Islamists still have.

I've long said that fighting Islamist terrorists (and their state sponsors) is a necessary (to protect our people) but insufficient objective for winning the war on terror.

The war is ultimately an Islamic civil war over who defines Islam, with Westerners mere bloody props in that civil war.

Bin Salman's path could get us there, although it could be a long time; and he has to survive long enough to make sure that the effort spreads widely enough to survive his death.

Tread carefully, my friend.