Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why We All Can't Just Get Along

Yes, I agree that national politics are much more polarized because the federal government is too powerful in too many areas of our lives. With the stakes so much higher, of course the fight to control the federal government is so bitterly fought.

Really, what's wrong with the states being the laboratories of our democracy? A couple states want to legalize marijuana? Let them. Ban abortion? Let them. Cut taxes? Go ahead? Cut spending? Why not? Raise taxes? Have at it. Spend like accounting standards don't exist? Whatever floats your boat. Want to enforce immigration laws? Sure. Want to be a sanctuary state? God bless you for your compassion.

Let states handle state problems. Why should people in Georgia worry that legislators from California will determine their choices in life? Why should New Yorkers worry that Montana senators will stand in the way of their domestic policies?

Then let those states enjoy the benefits of their decisions or bear the consequences of them. Federal assistance should be restricted to natural disasters and not man-caused ones of our own making.

Good grief, it's not like we can't still enjoy arguing over defense spending and foreign policy, right?

UPDATE: Mad Minerva is on board.