Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Too Damn Big

The scandals of the federal government that worry me aren't the scumbags and crooks, it is the people who play by the rules yet still profit at taxpayer expense when they shouldn't and do damage to our economy and undermine the honesty of our government.

It is a fool's game to try to reform the federal government or change the administrators at the tops of the vast bureaucracies. It is just too big to avoid these problems. The solution is to reduce the scope and power of the federal government's reach. Honest to God, when companies find they can best deliver profits by lobbying the federal government for advantages rather than innovating or investing in production, we've got a problem.

Let's make the federal government small enough so that our scandals are restricted to the scumbags and crooks because there is too little of the federal government to generate the other kind.