Monday, September 26, 2011

I. Hate. Them!

I can hate television scheduling executives, can't I? I mean, I plan no violence on them--I assume God has reserved space in Hell for them. Am I right?

First they schedule three series I like for Friday night. That's a bad night for TV. Fringe, Chuck, and Nikita are all planned for that night. With Chuck and Nikita in the same time slot. Thanks!

Sure, the networks get credit for New Girl, with Zooey Deschenel. But then they go and put Ringer, with Sarah Michelle Gellar, on at the same freaking time on Tuesday!

Oh, and I see they are taunting me with a new science fiction show, Terra Nova. Oh, I'll try it. It's on Monday and only a Lions game would interfere with that--unless it sucks at V levels of moronic plot and characters. I can even set aside what will probably be the plot line of evil conservatives who destroyed the world and plot to undermine the new chance in our past. I can even get past the silly notion that they can't ever shoot to kill the dinosaurs. Like a liberal wet dream, the colonists are strong enough to only used non-lethal force to escape the dinosaurs and never, ever pay the price for failing to destroy threats to their lives and future. No doubt there will be weekly group discussions of "why do they want to eat us?" Surely, they will put COEXIST stickers on their vehicles, with the C shown as a stylized raptor (or T-Rex, or whatever it is) fossil jaw:

Oh no. One dead dino and the colonists are in steaks for a month, but perish the thought of killing animals that will all be extinct when the Earth is rocked by asteroid impacts. Somehow we'll survive that, I guess. It isn't like living in a trailer park in Tornado Alley at all.

No, I can get past all that if they come to pass. But the previews give me the willies that this is just going to be Jurassic Trailer Park. Scary dinosaurs with non-material, plucky people living in harmony with nature--even the dinosaurs--and happy to have that chance. I'm sure the vehicles are eco-friendly electric since the oil is millennia away from being compressed into existence.

Anyway, I'm sure this unique concept show will be great. I hope so. I really do. But don't you think I'm forgetting the awfulness that were V and Doll House that I placed my hopes on.

Okay, I can see the Ringer-New Girl conflict is getting to me. MPDG, indeed.

UPDATE: Doh! After all that whining and hoping, I forgot to watch Terra Nova (but the X-Files episode based on COPS that I watched was really entertaining). Mad Minerva thinks it is flawed but worthy of giving a chance (Egad, that sounds disturbingly similar to how I felt about V at first. I'll see if it is on my cable OnDemand or I'll have to visit the InterTubes for it if I have to.

She also gives a thumbs up to New Girl. Although this piece suggesting that Zooey Deschenel simply plays Zooey Deschenel escapes me as to its relevance. And just what is wrong with sun dresses?