Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Too Bad to Survive?

So The Sarah Connor Chronicles was canceled. Goodbye two hot females.

And Doll House sucked. Hot female couldn't redeem it.

And Battlestar Galactica got so lame that I never bothered to watch the final episode. I just stopped caring. Notwithstanding a couple hot females in the cast.

And I even enjoyed Enterprise, which is much mocked. Yes, one hot Vulcan.

Not to imply that my TV viewing habits are totally focused on hot females. Hockey doesn't even have cheerleaders, I'll have you know.

But a good story and a hot female are hard for me to resist (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here). In my defense, as I noted, Doll House was too awful to watch, although the promise of Summer Glau got me to swear to give it another try. And I never liked Star Trek: Voyager at all, despite a hot female.

So with nothing else out there, I started watching V. I didn't like the original. But what the heck.

But I'm watching it on inertia now. So far, the story just sucks. Oh, the first four episoded were entertaining. But since then? Ugh.

Yes, Erica is cute. But Anna with short hair is just not there for me. And eating her mates is off-putting, I have to say.

Further, Erica's son is too annoying to live.

The resistance seems pretty lame, too.

Nor do I understand how the Visitors have failed to install security cameras on their ships to prevent the 5th column from wandering the ship at will. Does nobody notice the guys not standing in rapture when Anna speaks to them? Cameras are all over the planet monitoring humans, but on the ships? Nothing.

Maybe the show will get better before I stop watching it.

But hey, consider that I never watched Firefly until long after it was canceled. So what do I know?