Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shallow Rant

As I've mentioned, I've become hooked on Chuck this year. I first caught the Summer Glau guest appearance online. Then caught up with what was available online and started watching season 4 live. Then I Netflixed season 1, found a cheap copy of season 2 (and then nabbed a cheap copy of season 1). I have time to find a cheap copy of season 3 and have to watch for reruns of early season 4.

The stories are good, the characters interesting, and I usually laugh out loud at least once during an episode.

Oh--and I'll not try to deny it--Yvonne Strahovsky is both hot and appealing in her character.

I know. I'm easily swayed by a pretty face. I'm just shocked I didn't really notice this series until this year.