Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Only Form of Patriotism

The Russian government is determined to demonstrate they are even bigger SOBs than they already appear to be by crushing any dissent with a new proposed law:

The legislation expands the definition of treason to include damaging Russia's "constitutional order," and "sovereignty or territorial integrity."

The activists believe each proposed addition cynically targets potential threats to the Kremlin, shattering what remains of civil society in Russia.

Activists said expanding the term "constitutional order," would effectively outlaw opposition protests. "Territorial integrity" would forbid anyone from calling for independence or perhaps autonomy, an issue of particular concern in the volatile North Caucasus where Chechnya is located.

The bill broadening the definition of state treason is the latest in a series of measures taken since Putin's rise to the presidency in 2000 that have systematically rolled back Russia's post-Soviet political freedoms.

Really, it's OK to hate the Russians again. They had a chance to join the West and they blew it. Let's treat them as the annoyingly hostile but weak nuclear-armed entity that they are.