Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Disease vs. Cure

Bear with me as I indulge my paranoia.

Europe's demographic problems are potentially severe with Moslems increasing far faster than Europeans. With Moslems unwilling or unable to assimilate, Europe could be controlled by jihadi Moslems intent on extending the Ummah to Western Europe by the end of the century.

So this Steyn article prompts a recurring thought of mine that seems so bizarre but not so far-fatched anymore. Steyn writes:

So what's the easier response for Japanese and European governments? Weaning their pampered populations off the good life and re-teaching them the lost biological impulse or giving some local entrepreneur the licence to create a new subordinate worker class?

Will Europeans clone their way to demographic security? Will it be done according to the regulations and specifications of the anti-democratic European Union elites?

And will we like the New European Man that the EUrocrats create? I used the term "EUzis" a while back, and regretted it. Was I too hasty in repenting?