Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Asking For It

So the Poles have released details of a Soviet war plan and the stories simply report without comment the idea that this is a retaliatory plan following a NATO invasion of the Soviet-controlled Warsaw Pact countries:

Poland is risking further strains in relations with Russia by throwing open Cold War-era archives that include a 1979 Soviet retaliation plan that envisaged nuclear strikes on western European cities in the event of a war with NATO.

The map foresaw the nuclear annihilation of Poland and was dotted with red mushroom clouds over the German cities of Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and the site of NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Is historical memory in the press so short that reporters can be this dense?

Every Soviet war plan assumed a NATO offensive against them. And after absorbing the pummeling blows of the massive NATO effort for, oh, 1.057 seconds, the Soviets magically then launch a full scale counter-offensive presciently prepared for that looks amazingly like a surprise attack--but for the fact that NATO attacked first for that infamous 1-second invasion that provoked the Soviet "response."

And while I'm at it, the idea that the Warsaw Pact was an alliance formed in response to NATO is absurd. Moscow controlled all the East European governments and the Warsaw Pact was merely a facade created as propaganda to counter the real NATO alliance of Western Europeans, Canada, and America that arose to defend against such "retaliation" plans.

Freaking idiots.