Monday, October 17, 2005

What the International Community Values

The Hariri assasination report of the UN will be out soon. According to this article, Kofi Annan's highest goal is to avoid fanning tension between Lebanon and Syria:

The Lebanese opposition has accused Syria of playing a role in Hariri's Feb. 14 death in a car bombing, allegations Damascus repeatedly has denied. Annan said he expected to receive a report on the investigation into the slaying on Friday.

"I know there has been lots of political commentary and lots of discussions about it but from where I sit, I'm determined to make it as technical as possible and not allow a politicization of the process," Annan said.

I find this fascinating and instructive. I mean, Syria stands accused of Hariri's spectacular death in an effort to intimidate and punish Lebanon for daring to wish to live without Syrian domination. And Annan thinks that an investigation into this should not fan any tensions between Lebanon and Syria. What could Lebanon possibly be upset about if the accusation is true? But for Annan, the truth of the investigation is secondary to making sure nobody upsets the apple cart by getting angry and expecting justice for the crime. That would be "political" I guess.

Can nothing offend the morality of the guardian of the international community?

Don't even talk to me about the moral superiority of the so-called "international community." Not ever. And don't ever defend the top ten floors of that God-awful institution.