Saturday, October 29, 2005

From Russia, With Love

The Russians launched Iran's first satellite. Say the Iranians:

The Iranian press has described the satellite as being for telecommunications and research purposes.

Research. Wonder what they're researching?

Thanks Russia! Way to pick friends! Good luck when the Iranians march north to liberate the Caucasus!

UPDATE: TM Lutas thinks that despite Russia's campaign to annoy us and undermine our security, we will help Russia should Iran gain the power to go after them:

The US will respond for two reasons. Orthodox allies like Romania will be saddling up, marching, and calling in their chits with the US. But the big prize for the US will be a chance to demonstrate that things have changed, that western christianity gives a damn about eastern and will provide solidarity when the chips are down.

Actually, I think Lutas is correct. Moscow is lucky that the Russian government is far less odious--so far--than the Tehran government.

And yes, as unlikely as this clash may be now, I do think it is possible that one day the Iranians will decide to expand the Ummah in their own neighborhood if Iran gets enough deterrence capability. Flooding the Caucasus with money and jihadis may seem the only way out once Iraq is a hard shoulder blocking the Iranians from going west.