Tuesday, October 23, 2018

[Whatever] for Life

Oh please, formal term limits are no obstacle to Putin's lifetime rule:

For the moment, there appear to be no real rivals to Putin, with the Kremlin having pushed opponents to the margins. Nor are there are any obvious successors. Given the current prohibition on him serving a fourth term in office, Putin's most ardent supporters have openly discussed how to keep him in power, a discussion that predated the March election.

The constitution can be modified using simple legislation, but, at least officially, amending the section of the constitution that would allow Putin to remain in office beyond 2024 requires that a constitutional convention, or assembly, be convened, according to Will Pomeranz, author of a forthcoming book on Russian law.

Oh what's the point of pretending to have rule of law by changing the constitution to make Putin president for life? He was president, then he was prime minister, and now he is president again. It's all the same.

Putin, ruling Russia since 1999, already established the precedent of making whatever office he holds get the power to run the state.

One day Russians will fear the Postmaster General of Russia.