Saturday, October 27, 2018

Send In the Sea of Azov Queen

Russia is perfectly happy to rely on international agreements when it suits their aggression.


[Russian Foreign Minister] Lavrov plans to invoke treaty power that allows Russia to object to a forthcoming NATO-Ukraine military drill. "Ukraine wants to hold NATO drills in the Sea of Azov but it will be impossible to go there because our treaty with Ukraine requires mutual consent for the passage of warships into the Sea of Azov."

But violating international law and agreements to seize Crimea and gain control of access to the Sea of Azov to support their invasion of Donbas was just fine by Lavrov.

What if a NATO state sends a civilian container ship to Mariupol and then equips it as a modularized auxiliary cruiser with equipment sent overland to the port, as I described in The AFRICOM Queen?