Saturday, February 18, 2017

Unleash the "Why Do They Hate Us?" Questions!

In what world does this excuse for the Louvre attack make sense?

A man arrested by police for attacking soldiers with a machete outside the Louvre museum in Paris last week said he wanted to damage paintings and "avenge" the Syrian people, a judicial source said on Tuesday.

Abdullah Reda al-Hamahmy confirmed his name, his age of 29 and his Egyptian nationality to investigators after initially refusing to speak, the source said.

In what world does it make any sense at all to attack Western art to get back at the Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah, Assad regime, and jihadis who are ripping apart Syria?

In what world? The world that includes the corner of Rage Street and Why Do They Hate Us Boulevard.

Why do they hate us, indeed. Why do they hate is the right question.

And more important than even that is why do we hate ourselves so much to treat these scum with any respect at all?

It's funny, leftists here consider it a war on art if a Republican wants to cut the NEA budget by 5%. In France we have a jihadi fanboy literally trying to destroy art and nobody on the left will work up even a minor bit of annoyance, let alone full frothing rage at the assault on our very civilization.