Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is There Nothing Trump Can't Do?

Less than a month into the Trump administration, the Euros have a scapegoat for their woes:

European leaders Friday fired a salvo of warnings against Washington, cautioning it against hurting EU cohesion, abandoning shared values and seeking a rapprochement with Russia behind the backs of its allies.

Because EU cohesion was in fine shape when American policy favored the EU and when President Obama weighed in on the Remain side in the Brexit campaign last year.

As for shared values, what Western values exactly does that proto-imperial project share with the world's longest running constitutional republic?

On Russia, settle down skittish Euro squirrels, we're not going anywhere--which pisses you guys off, too. Every top official we have, like Vice President Pence, is out there reassuring Europe that America isn't walking away from NATO or going wobbly on Russia under Putin.

I did say the Euro elites would blame Trump for everything, I'll note.

UPDATE: Vice President Pence said that America backs the EU:

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence assured the European Union in Brussels on Monday that the Trump administration will develop their cooperation in trade and security and backs the EU as a partner in its own right.

I hope this is just an exercise in dealing with the reality of the existence of the EU (for now) while not giving the Euros the excuse of America to explain away their failures.

Despite the words, I hope our policy is not to encourage or in any way prop up the European Union that can only undermine NATO, the true defender of the West in Europe.

Perhaps we're just standing aside as the proto-empire destroys itself.