Thursday, February 02, 2017

I See Euros Will Blame Trump for Everything

If the European elites were truly reacting to Trump's calls for them to carry their weight in defense spending, the Europeans would bolster spending within NATO that has been the most successful military alliance ever in preventing war. But no, the Euro elites want to build a EU military that harms NATO as Brussels has long wanted to do using Trump as a convenient excuse.

These jerks consider building an EU imperial state more important than actually defending themselves:

Core members including France, Germany, Spain and Italy want closer EU military and intelligence cooperation, a move backed by the bloc’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

"First of all it means that Europeans are starting to take seriously their security," said Mogherini. "We have started to do this ... well before the UK referendum, well before the U.S. elections because security is a priority for Europeans.”

Britain has blocked efforts towards building an EU military alliance, fearing it could undermine NATO.

But with Britain set to leave the bloc within the next few years, the calls for an EU military force could grow louder.

America isn't leaving NATO. And Britain in NATO will still be defending Europe after the British leave that monstrosity the European Union.

"Shaken by Trump's criticism of NATO," indeed. This EU inclination to demote NATO where America dominates--a desire that predates President Trump--will continue long after it is clear that the American reinforcement of NATO will not be reversed under his administration.

We will contain Russia in Europe. (Although in the map with that article I don't know why Luxembourg isn't colored for NATO; and why Austria, Sweden, and Finland, among others, aren't colored leaning West.)

If Europeans wanted to take their security seriously, they'd have already increased defense spending and turned their mostly civil servants in uniforms into real military forces, within NATO.

For all the talk of Russia wanting the EU to fail, I bet the Russians would prefer dealing with a single autocrat than a lot of messy democracies.

Britain's Parliament did the right thing and approved Brexit authorization despite the Remain camp's hopes that Parliament would defy the referendum results. Good for them. This may be Parliament's finest hour.

I want the EU to die. It is a potentially hostile autocratic entity that would control the vast demographic, economic, technological, and (mostly) potential military power of the continent.