Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Yeah, You Guys Stick to Your Cheese Regulations

This guy is hilarious. He thinks the European Union should take the lead in promoting liberal (Western) values; foreign and security policy; and international trade.

You see, the author thinks America under Trump doesn't want any of that. That of course, is the basic problem of his call to arms in Europe to grasp their destiny and build a thousand-regulation reich:

It is simple: you cannot lead the world or be a champion of globalisation if you reject them both.

Well there you go. Start out with error and you just expand the error with every leap.

Trump does not reject leading the West or reject international trade. For better or worse (and for the record I'm far more willing to pay a price in defense spending and trade terms to lead the West than Trump has stated), Trump rejects paying too much to lead and to promote trade. The author might want to consider that Trump is staking out an extreme position (although not as extreme as the author paints it) to get a better deal for America.

The notion  that political Europe as represented by the European Union and the proto-autocrats who love the EU can play a bigger role in defending Western values in America's absence when the EU is itself an anti-democratic project that seeks to build a multi-ethnic imperial state that suppresses freedom and self-determination in its components is astoundingly dense.

The idea that the European Union can replace NATO (and America) as the best tool Europe has to provide military security is downright delusional.

As for trade promotion, when the EU is looking to use trade negotiations to get revenge on Britain for the nerve of rejecting the continental proto-empire, claiming that aspiration reflects a lot of nerve.

There are a lot of Europeans upset with the common currency! Will Europeans really go along with the wet dream fantasy of a European Union superpower finally delivering glory to political Europe that geographic Europe ceded to those upstart New World Americans? 

I had a better opinion of the Finns before I read this work of fantasy by a former Finnish prime minister. Good God. If the Mannerheim Line was the Finnish soldier standing in the snow, the Mannerheim Loon is this author giving his opinion anywhere.

Rest assured, America will still be here long after the European Union's latest treatise on how political Europe will rise to the challenge--and their destiny!--is filed away and ignored by the Brussels-based Europeans themselves.