Sunday, February 12, 2017

We're Number One!

The Russians object to Trump's focus on Iran:

The Kremlin said on Monday it did not agree with U.S. President Donald Trump's assessment of Iran as "the number one terrorist state" and a Russian diplomat said any U.S. attempt to reopen an Iran nuclear deal would inflame tensions in the Middle East.

Much as Putin defended the world class prostitutes that Russia has, I'm sure Putin's pride will not allow him to accept 2nd place to the Iranians on the terrorism issue.

But the new Iran policy is having a good effects already, as the Iranian mullah regime fears that America might actually support the long-suffering Iranian people crushed under the heels of the Islamist storm troopers rather than look away as President Obama did in 2009.

And the Russians think we shouldn't want to "inflame" the quiet and peaceful Middle East, of course.