Saturday, February 25, 2017

Is This What "Compassion" Gets Us?

As we debate the issue of border security on the Mexican border, we should remember that the porous border that allows drugs from Mexico and Latin America in general to easily reach America has destabilized Mexico and even affects Central America.

Controlling our southern border is just one part of regulating traffic into our country. But it is a part of being a sovereign nation that has the right to set the terms of immigration and trade.

Remember that it is perfectly legitimate to stop illegal immigration, set the terms of legal immigration, combat illegal trade, and define legal trade.

And really, controlling our southern border is the compassionate thing to do to control the violence being left in the wake of our failure to control our southern border.

But people here who argue for no border controls by citing "compassion" just mean that they want to feel good about themselves as "compassionate" people, secure in the knowledge that their wealth and status will insulate them from any bad impacts that happen to other Americans (tip to Instapundit):

California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing cuts to higher education scholarships for middle class students while increasing scholarship funding for illegal immigrant students.

As an aside, I'll say again that we should have a system that reduces federal power in order end the high stakes battle for control of Washington, D.C., that has polarized our society--well, at least the portion we see on various media--so much. If California wants to punish their existing middle class to create a better class of middle class voters more malleable to the elites, that is their choice. Let them enjoy their compassion theater. But don't foist that nonsense on the rest of the country, eh?

But I digress.

And don't forget the collateral damage to Mexicans and Central Americans pulled north through a gauntlet of abuse by that so-called compassion, of course.

Funny how the Left defines "compassion."