Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Um, So What?

Why is this even hinted as a scandal?

The Pentagon has failed to disclose up to thousands of air strikes the U.S. military carried out over several years in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan against militants in those countries, the Military Times reported on Sunday.

The "missing" strikes were carried out by Army helicopters and drones. From the air. Hence the scandal, I suppose.

Air strikes are a measure of Air Force, Marine, and Navy fixed wing aircraft. Period.

Given that the Army drones and helicopters fire weapons not unlike those soldiers whose boots stay on the ground when the fire their weapons, is it "missing" data that Army artillery rounds and rockets, tank shells, anti-tank missiles fired by ground forces, and mortar rounds aren't also included in the fires missions of which aircraft air strikes are just one component?

Are hand grenades to be included? 

The story says the Pentagon and Army didn't immediately respond to queries. No doubt because they are still trying to figure out just what the complaint is.

Good grief, people. Breathe into a paper bag and focus.