Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I used some old posts as inspiration for this article that Infantry Magazine just published.

It is about using reach-back to provide virtual infantry using remote weapons stations for mechanized units on the move to avoid casualties in catastrophic hits. This would save infantry for actual dismounted operations, I hope.

I was just a REMF signal guy, so this is pretty cool for me. The rest of the issue is here.

In related news, I just signed over an article to the United States Naval Institute. It is about amphibious warfare operations. I'm hoping it actually gets published. Which would mean I get paid. So there's that, too.

And I have a sci fi-focused article submitted to an Army contest. That's something different. We'll see.

I'm really trying to work more on real writing again. Working on one item that's a bit different for me, and I have one other contest on the horizon with a topic in mind.

Blogging is easier.