Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Obama Legacy Continues

I missed this back in 2009. Behold the man (and movement) keeping the glass ceiling strong!

And more importantly, consider that future President Obama thought Hillary would create a 1984 dictatorial dystopian future.

People certainly voted different this last election campaign.

And given the election weapon that President Obama granted Trump (and there is no excuse that this was a pre-election error), can liberals still pretend that Obama isn't desperately trying to keep Herself from running again in four years with one last rigged primary and one more try at leveraging her lady bits into the Oval Office?

After successfully keeping that dangerous woman out of the White House for 8 years, you'd think that Obama fans would be happy that Trump is carrying on the president's legacy.

UPDATE: Funny enough, if you want to go full anti-Hillary conspiracy, you could point to this practice run in engineering the victory of someone without a majority of votes:

Campaigning [in 2010] on a nonsectarian platform, with Sunni and secular Shia candidates, the [Iraqi National Movement] won two more seats than did Maliki’s State of Law coalition. Maliki refused to stand down, however, or to concede to the INM the right to attempt to put together a governing coalition. Choosing not to weigh in, the Obama team eventually tired of the stalemate, conveniently concluding that Iraq needed a “Shia strongman,” convinced by elements within the government (presumably the CIA) that Maliki was “our man.” They sent Joseph Biden to deliver, in his ham-handed way, the message to the INM leadership. And with that, according to Sky, the chance for Iraqis “to break the Lebanon model of cementing sectarianism within institutions” went out the window.

I had forgotten that electoral intervention. Putin's effort was amateur hour, eh?