Friday, February 03, 2017

At the Corner of Rage Street and Why Do They Hate Us Boulevard

Democrats are claiming the temporary limit on foreign travel to America will strengthen jihadis:

Anger is spreading to the Arab street, reflected in social media and newspaper articles – the kind of RAGE that fueled the Arab Spring revolt against Mideast dictators – therefore, the kind Muslim leaders take very seriously.

The author's main argument lies with Iraqi anger, fanned on by that piece of breathing garbage and Iranian hand puppet Moqtada al-Sadr; and an Afghan official (which isn't even under the travel ban)--where officials are worried about Taliban gains and so have long been ready to say things bad about America to hedge their bets.

And about the Iraqi rage? Never mind:

Iraq will not retaliate to U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban against Iraqi nationals because it does not want to lose Washington's cooperation in the war on Islamic State, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday.

While Trump Hysteria Condition (am I the first to coin the term THC?) certainly adds to the complaint, this is really just another version of the "Why do they hate us?" lament by our Left that assumes America has caused jihadi rage. If only we would stop doing A (or start doing B) the jihadis would calm down and apply for that insurance claims adjuster job they've had their eye on.

People, we just finished 8 years of President Barack Hussein Obama with a culturally sensitive outreach to the Islamic world supercharged by his middle name and time living in Indonesia to disarm the nutballs.

You think I'm kidding? This is exactly what Obama believed and his fanboys (and girls) believed that rot!

And what did we get from that? Iraq War 2.0, with jihadis overrunning large parts of Iraq; plus jihadis rampaging through Syria and Iraq; with the Taliban reviving after what was apparently a pointless Obama troop surge in Afghanistan; with a Boko Haram killing fest that would not in fact bring back our girls despite a perfectly lovely First Lady hashtag campaign; with blood in the streets of European cities and homegrown terrorists radicalized by distant jihadis rather than calmed down by living in President Obama's America killing people here in America.

And a temporary suspension of some refugees from countries that President Obama had identified as problems is what will cause jihadi RAGE? How stupid are you to believe that?

In reality, the question isn't what anger Islamists. The question is what doesn't anger the Easily Excitable? Seriously, it's our fault?

Good Lord, people. Why do we hate us so much to think we provoke murderous rage for carrying out a perfectly normal government function?

It is not normal to feel RAGE and act on it over a suspension of travel from certain nations until we can sort out a better method of screening those who want to come to America.

I'd feel better if proto-Islamists were more worried about RAGE from the Western street over being blown up, shot, and beheaded by jihadi scum.

UPDATE: Iraq will not retaliate against the order:

Iraq's prime minister has squashed a move by pro-Iranian factions in his government who wanted to retaliate against President Donald Trump's travel ban. The struggle shows the difficult position the Iraqi leader finds himself in – pulled between his most powerful neighbor and the United States under Trump.

Abadi won't retaliate because the effort is being pushed by Iran and their Shia Islamist friends in Iraq. Although three-time insurrection Sadr is not mentioned.