Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Duties

Well, pre-Christmas is about to wrap up. I bought the converter to make the 16-pin printer plug fit into the USB port on the new computer--at a cost that could have got me a new printer--but somehow that seems like I'm surrendering to "them."

Lamb and I baked cookies for Santa, and Lamb piled on the sugary stars like it was a coat of paint. I get to eat those later ... . And only one batch was a tad too crispy, after Mister called me for a computer mystery (no, I have no idea why your game won't save, giving the excuse of lack of memory, since you clearly still have a gagillion gigawhatevers of storage left on said new computer) and I spent just a tad too long pondering the problem before racing to the oven--2 minutes past the max time. (Agghh, cookies!--uninstall the game and reload it!) Oh well, those got slathered in frosting. Not burnt, but definitely not soft and chewy. Frosting is the spackle of cookie world, eh? Only one batch came out soft and chewy--the final and smallest batch.

And I'll leave carrot residue on the floor by the fireplace, since reindeer are kind of messy, right? Oh, and I must leave a residue of milk and chocolate syrup in the mug, and still need to write the note of thanks from Santa on the Santa stationery I made. Then put out Santa's presents under the tree.

We also got in some sledding late in the day, and Lamb had a blast. Last year, sledding was ruined for the season by the first day out in wet snow that made for awful sledding if you didn't have the patience to keep going until a nice path was broken through the snow. Today was cold and dry, and Lamb flew down the hill right from the start. By the end, she was flinging her hat off on the way down as if she was going so fast it just blew off! And then she started bailing out on purpose as the sled raced down, just for the thrill of sliding sled-less through the snow. Hot chocolate with marshmallows once back at home was, of course, the final cap to sledding.

Lamb is so anxious for tomorrow morning she can hardly stand it. Mister plays along to avoid spoiling Lamb's belief. This could be her last year.

Which is fine with me, no more Santa subterfuge with the big guy getting the credit for all the best presents!

Oh, and a late night mug of egg nog when all the duties are done.

Merry Chistmas! I love this time of year.