Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just How Bad Is It?

Yikes, how bad can Little Fockers be to inspire this line?

So bad that this bland, pointless sequel features a gratuitous scene where the stunning Jessica Alba - one of many new faces added to an already overstuffed ensemble - strips down to her lacy undergarments, belly-flops into a backyard pit, rolls around in the mud, and I still can't recommend you pay to see it.

Yikes. That is a powerful damning statement, all things considered.

My son is a big fan of the franchise, and has been mentioning the movie. It is rare for him to even mention a movie he wants to see, so I don't know how I will avoid it. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will move on to the dollar theater before Mister prods me to take him.

Still, worst case? Lacy undergarments and a belly flop. All my disasters should have this kind of downer.