Monday, September 24, 2018

Technically Accurate

The Russians are certainly right about this in theory:

Russia on Friday called a new wave of U.S. sanctions misguided, saying Washington’s habit of using sanctions against Moscow risked undermining global stability and was part of a dangerous game.

Any sanctions that get tough enough to hurt Russia at a level equivalent to damage from actual kinetic combat action risk a Russian response in the military dimension because what's the difference to Russia? Russia may figure why respond ineffectively in a peacetime fashion when they are suffering war-like damages?

But in practice the Russians are lucky that the stronger America (and NATO) is only responding to Russian aggression in Europe and nuclear treaty violations with sanctions. Russia may have the option of escalating to military measures, but that is the step America is refraining from taking.

Is Putin really ready to gamble it all on a throw of the dice he is unlikely to win?