Saturday, March 19, 2016

Outreach to the Reality-Based Community

Via Instapundit, of course Bush didn't lie us into war with Iraq.

That the so-called "reality-based community" fervently believes that Bush lied or that intelligence was manipulated says a lot about their grasp of reality.

Or perhaps it says a lot about what they are willing to do to reach their ends.

Intelligence was not manipulated. (Tip to Eric at Learning Curve). So there were no lies.

Yet as useful as this discussion is, the video underestimates the Saddam problem by simply declaring the intelligence about weapons of mass destruction wrong.

Saddam has missiles that exceeded allowable ranges--we know this because the UN was actually destroying them on the eve of war. These are one component of making WMD more useful.

And Saddam had the scientific and technical organizations kept intact, plus raw materials, to restart chemical weapons production within months of deciding to do so.

Good grief, people, how much more would a Saddam dynasty freed of crumbling sanctions have been able to do given that ISIL has managed to cobble together chemical weapons in their embryonic  state?

U.S. aircraft have begun targeting Islamic State's chemical weapons sites near Mosul in Iraq in an initial round of air strikes aimed at diminishing the militant group's ability to use mustard agent, CNN reported on Wednesday.

This started a whole two weeks ago, I know, but let's have a little memory here even if going back to 2002 or the 1990s isn't possible!

Yes, Saddam was far from nukes. But given how we had missed how close he was until we had more access to Iraq in 1991, how could we take a chance?

And biological weapons research doesn't take a lot of machinery to conduct. That could have been hidden or started up quickly.

The Middle East is safer without Saddam or his evil spawn in charge of Iraq. The war was not a mistake.

The post-war was a mistake. Had we defended that win after 2011 instead of bugging out after hanging the "war responsibly ended" banner across the White House, we'd see more evidence of that today, I think.

And no, I don't accept advice from this crowd on truth-telling about Iraq.