Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Follow That Car

I don't mean to sound paranoid, but after North Korea appears to have managed to blow a nuclear device small enough to mount on a missile--which they've also successfully tested--the Iranians announce the first Pacific journey for their navy since 1979.

Given the links between Iran and North Korea (and that whole founding members of the Axis of Evil thing), I find this suspicious:

Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said in Tehran on Monday that the Iranian warships will be sailing in the Pacific Ocean for the first time in over three decades. The commander told reporters that a number of Iranian warships are to leave the Malaga Bay on Tuesday to continue their ways to the North into the Pacific Ocean.

If nuclear components were sent by North Korea to Iran by merchant ship, we'd likely board it. I hope we watch these ships closely to see if they go anywhere that might allow the Iranians to pick up nuclear warheads.

Would we attempt to board an Iranian warship that will shoot rather than submit to a boarding?