Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Reason to Care

I normally wouldn't care much about the state of affairs in Eritrea, except for their location and their friends.

Strategypage writes about unrest in Eritrea and what it might mean (I briefly noted the incident discussed).

I care because I worry that Iran and Eritrea might be too close for comfort, as an item further down the list notes:

The UN reported that a NATO naval patrol had stopped a ship carrying weapons to Eritrea. The weapons shipment violated UN arms sanctions. The NATO naval force seized 15 tons of weaponry and ammunition that were shipped by North Korea. The shipment included rockets and surface to air missiles. The ship had apparently sailed through Singapore and had tried to change its cargo manifest to reflect Singapore as the point of origin.

It's bad enough that Eritrea provides Iran access to Yemen, Somalia--and Egypt and Gaza for that matter--to foment terrorism.

But giving Iran another option to interrupt oil exports from the Persian Gulf is quite disturbing.