Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good Grief

Here the world is going to end soon, and time has slipped by too fast on the home front.

Lamb has been in academic games tournaments:

Mister has been thrilled at victories at Michigan Stadium:

I took Lamb to a couple games this year, too:

And Lamb made her own Halloween costume (a puppy) that was a hit at her school party and for trick or treating:

It is tough to see the floppy ears and stuffed tail, I'm afraid. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Lamb and I also shared our birthday:

Which also involved a giant, flying fish:

And putting up my Christmas decorations, including a tree that Mister once thought towered above him. To be fair, it once did. As did I.

Mister is still wearing Hawaiian blue. Did we still have hope for the Lions way back then?

It has been a good year to be a dad, end of the world notwithstanding:

Hopefully, it's been a good year to be my children, too. One hopes and worries.

If the world doesn't end soon, I'm going to be really happy at what lies ahead.