Saturday, December 08, 2012

Forced to Be Civilized

I took Mister to the Ann Arbor Symphony's 1st annual Holiday Pops concert last night. Oh the shame of wearing a suit and walking by young college men heading out to the bars. I should have warned them, I'm you in 30 years. How do I know? Because I was you 30 years ago. Oh well. I do look darned fine in a suit. Lamb even said so, so it isn't just my insufferable ego talking.

Mister wasn't thrilled about going. It was a homework assignment. So I didn't spring for the best seats. But at Hill Auditorium, listening is not a problem wherever you are. We were in the second row of the balcony, so had a good view, too, actually.

This is one of those things that I enjoy going to but don't think about going to on my own. This would definitely be date material, if a date was so interested.

This being Ann Arbor--extreme casual--I was definitely one of the best dressed there. I didn't even think about breaking out the tuxedo. I would have spent all my time either signing programs or directing people to their seats.

Actually, I was a little distracted by the couple in the first row with the very newborn baby. Not that my enjoyment of the music was wrecked by gurgling noises and slurping (Red Wings games have desensitized me on those scores). But I kept thinking this was a situation just begging for a baby going over the balcony. Really, that's how I think. I'm shocked I don't have more grey hairs.

But Mister took notes. And at least it didn't interfere with any high priority football game watching. I thought perhaps Mister's mom might take him, since she is more appreciative of such entertainment. But she was under the weather along with Lamb, so once again I got the duty. I've always gotten the duty, so far.

It's good for me, I suppose. Mister and I joked about the things that would not happen during the performance. No "you suck" chants. We had no chance of being in the row that wins pizzas. We wouldn't chant the name of the conductor if he made a mistake in order to rattle him. And no wave, of course.

Although we did wonder if the leaders of the Huron and Pioneer choirs would get into a brawl. (Back story: their football coaches had a bit of an incident this year.)

He also learned that just getting the program and leaving, relying on YouTube for the music, wasn't going to cut it. Aside from the dishonesty, the orchestra did not strictly follow the program.

So there was a little civilization in my life last night. My knuckles aren't even dragging around this morning.