Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Second Wave

With some imagination, I think Israel could get off a first wave of attackers to hit Iran's nuclear facilities.

The advantage of America doing the strike isn't just that we could attack with a bigger punch, but that we could keep attacking. Israel needs surprise for their first punch and after that it gets risky. Having Israeli pilots captured would be really bad news for the Israelis. So subsequent waves are out.

Or are they?

News that Israel is moving on from their A-4 planes as trainers means that Israel has 50 A-4 elderly attack craft available.

Could Israel outfit these as attack drones suitable for follow-up attacks for days or weeks after the initial strike to finish off any damaged targets or hit undiscovered targets?

I'm just speculating in the spirit of trying to think outside the box on the assumption that the Israelis will be doing the same thing.