Sunday, January 02, 2011

Call of Duty

Ok, I finally rigged up the Wii blaster to play the Call of Duty game I bought back in the spring.

I made it through the basic training sequences. It wasn't pretty, but I made it. Target practice, rappelling, shooting, flash-bangs, stabbing a watermelon--you know, the usual stuff you need to succeed on a virtual battlefield.

My first mission was part of a team that boarded a merchant ship to grab something--I honestly don't remember what.

I spent my time hustling to keep up with the rest of the team, mostly disoriented inside the ship. The navigational clues weren't all that clear to me. At one point, I did catch up in time to participate in a fire fight. if I hit anybody, I have no idea.

Naturally, when the team made it to the objective, I the FNG had to pick up the object before we could withdraw. I finally navigated to the vault and picked up the item.

As we ran for extraction, an enemy plane was reported inbound. It hit us, the ship started listing and going down, and I drowned.

In my own defense, the Wii blaster is screwed up as far as simulating a rifle. You hold the trigger portion with your forward hand rather than your rear hand, and control movement with your rear hand. That is so unnatural that my shoulders got sore by the time I drowned.

But it was fun. I'll definitely play it again. Wish me luck.