Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now Let's Find Out What's In It

Well, our Senate passed the START nuclear agreement signed with Russia.

I have significant concerns over provisions of the deal--especially missile defense--and the Obama administration continues to portray the START pact as something we are giving to Russia in exchange for help on other matters:

The Obama administration has argued that the United States must show credibility in its improved relations with its former Cold War foe, and the treaty was critical to any rapprochement. The White House is counting on Russia to help pressure Iran over its nuclear ambitions.
This does not fill me with confidence that the actual treaty is in our interests in regard to the nuclear missile issues it is focused on. Gaining things outside the treaty from Russia implies we are giving something to Russia in the treaty.

This treaty did not need to be passed right now. Maybe my worries are for nothing, but now I guess I'll find out after the fact.